4 Things To Know About Rocket League Blueprints

blue lines and squares representing Rocket League Blueprints

What are Rocket League blueprints?

You may have been familiar with the crate system when Psyonix first introduced Rocket League in 2015. However, in 2019 they came out with a new process known as Blueprints. The best part about this process is that it’s not too different than the one they had before and even better, they show you what you’re going to get before you make it.

These in-game items can be used to build custom items for your vehicles, such as new paint jobs, decals, wheels, and other cosmetic items. The most important reason for them being in the game is because they allow you to personalize your cars and create standout assets.

Where do you get Rocket League blueprints?

There are multiple ways you can obtain your blueprints.

First and foremost, you can earn blueprints by playing, completing, and winning matches. As you play, you’ll earn experience points, and when you reach certain levels, you’ll be rewarded.

Another method for getting more blueprints is participating in special events or competitions. Oftentimes, these types of events have more unique Blueprints as rewards, and you can earn them by finishing specific challenges or hitting certain benchmarks.

If you’re a hardcore Rocket League player, you’ll go as far as to spend a little bit of your cold hard cash to have your car stand out the most. The store offers a variety of Blueprints for sale, and players can use their in-game currency or real money to purchase the ones that they want.

The final, and most suggested way to get the blueprints you want is to trade with other players. Rocket League is as much of a social game as it is competitive. While you’re in your 3v3 matchup, scope out a skin or boost that you like and become friends. The world is your oyster!

How to use Rocket League blueprints from your inventory

Using Rocket League Blueprints that you’ve already acquired isn’t difficult at all. In fact, we’ve created a simple five-step process for using them:

1. Obviously, start Rocket League and go to the main menu

2. From the main menu, select “inventory” to see what you currently have piled up

3. In the inventory, select the “Blueprints” tab to view your Blueprints

4. Select the Blueprint you want to use. This will open the preview, which shows you what the item looks like and how much it will cost to build

5. If you want to build that item, select the “Build” button and it’ll use the required materials to build the item. After that, the item will be added to your inventory

Types of Rocket League blueprints

There are Blueprints for every type of item in Rocket League.

Paint finishes

Used for new paint jobs for your car. They can include a wide range of colors and patterns, and allow you to customize the appearance.


Blueprints for Decals provide the possibility of stickers or designs that you can apply to your car. They can range from simple shapes and patterns to complex, animated logos and designs.


Your wheels can have different colors, designs, and styles, and they can give your car a unique look.


Boost Blueprints provide new boosts for your car and they can come in different colors and designs.


These Blueprints provide new toppers that can be placed on top of your car. These can range from hats and wigs to flowers and other decorations.


Toppers are different than Antennas, and the blueprints for each are too. These blueprints create small flags or banners that can be attached to your car, and they can have different colors and designs.


These Blueprints provide new banners that can be displayed on your car, and they can have different colors, patterns, and logos.

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