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Rocket League Garage

There’s something about an orange car with a cockroach on it that really gets people fired up!

Whether it’s a cockroach, a catfish, or a random strawberry with a smiley face on it, you’re able to customize your car with a number of different options in the Rocket League garage.

This article highlights:

– Customizing your car in Rocket League

– Creating a new preset

– Trading in items

– Managing your Rocket League inventory

– Blueprints within the Rocket League garage

Customize your car in the Rocket League Garage

One of the coolest parts of Rocket League is the ability to control how your car looks, using a number of different customizations in the Rocket League garage. In order to have more items to customize your car with, you’ll need to play the game more and unlock these items. Take a look at what some players have created. Next time you’re in the garage, make sure to see what’s included with your customization options:


The body of your vehicle is how it looks; the shape. Depending on which one you choose, you’ll have a larger or smaller hitbox, along with different handles. The hitbox is an invisible line around the car (very close to the outline of the car) that is used to determine the velocity and directions of your hits. The one that you’ll most likely start with is Octane, but as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more. Merc, Octane, and Dominus are among the most popular.


Decals are a unique part of Rocket League. From static, checkered designs all the way to animated snowfall, the Rocket League garage is filled with tattoo-like designs to make your car yours. As with the majority of the customization options, you can also choose not to apply a decal and keep your car looking smooth, or emphasize a paint finish. A couple of the top decals are

Paint Finish:

Choosing your paint finish is a commitment…or is it? We’ve been known to switch ours around a time or two. There are very detailed finishes of all types. Players can choose the finishes for both the blue car and the orange car, adding an accent if desired. Some of the most popular are matte, pearlescent, and semi-glass.


The wheels don’t have much effect on the traction of your car, but they’ll certainly have an impact on the traction of your style points. Adding the right pair of wheels to your car can spice it up with the perfect flair. Keep track of the number you’ve collected in the top left corner and filter through wheels on the screen as well. Some of the most popular are Bender, Fortune, and Sunset.

Rocket Boost:

Another detail that helps add some individualized flair to your car is the rocket boost. Customizing this feature to your benefit means it’s distracting to your opponent. Oftentimes, the holidays provide an alternative, fun set of rocket boosts. A couple of frequently used are Accelerato, Ink, and Thermal.


Toppers are a unique item to place on top of your car. Some of the most exciting toppers are animated. They’re also an optional item from the Rocket League garage. Some of the more used toppers are Butterfly, Captain’s hat, and Worried Watermelon.


When you see someone using an antenna, it’s always a fantastic addition to the theme of their car. The garage features folders with various themed flags. Alien, Morty, and Waffle are some of the more commonly used flags.

Goal Explosion:

After you’ve absolutely demolished the car’s ankles and have placed the ball gently in the top right corner of the goal to put your team up by one, you want to capitalize with a profound and memorable explosion. Gain more attention. Have the other team encourage you to score more goals because of this feature. A couple of the more common explosions are Classic, Standard, and Hand Heart.


The trail is a customization that simply adds more envy from your opponents. Grab a trail during the holidays to change up your theme every once in a while as well. You can find Classic, Blazer, and Winter Storm gliding around more often than others.

Engine Audio:

What’s that lurking in the distance? It’s cynical laughter coming from…a Rocket League player. Choosing your Engine Audio is another fun part of the Rocket League garage. A threatening roar of an engine right before you demolish another player adds emphasis to who’s the better player. A couple of the more commonly used sounds are Vulcan, Ripper, and Takumi.

Create a new preset

Easily flip through pre-built cars while you’re on the waiting screen between games, with the presets you built in the Rocket League garage. You can create up to 50 presets to make it easier to showcase your pieces of art when you’re on a roll. Customize the names of those presets to find them much easier as well. When you’re tired of using a preset or decide that 50 is just too many to keep track of, deleting the ones you don’t want is as simple as pushing a button.

Trade-in items in the Rocket League garage

While playing the game, you’ll collect many duplicates of the same item. Rocket League gives you a place to trade in some of those duplicates for items of the same rarity. The instructions on the screen say, “Select an available rarity. Then select five items that you would like to trade in for a new item of that rarity”.

The items you can trade in are ‘rare’, ‘very rare’, ‘import’, and ‘exotic’. Trade in core items, tournament items, and blueprints.

To join the Rocket League Garage community for trading, news, and an item database, click here.

Manage your Rocket League garage inventory


Blueprints allow you to see the item capable of being built and if you have enough credits, you can do so.

Reward Items

Reward Items are special items that have been collected throughout the game for marking special accomplishments.

(All other items)

The other items mentioned above are all capable of being traded.

Avatar Borders

The avatar border is the border that sits around your profile image. You can choose from a variety of options.

Player Banners

Player banners are long images that sit to the right of an avatar. Most people decorate them with a certain color or outline or even have an animation running across it.

Player Anthems

The player anthem in Rocket League is the song that plays when you score a goal or make a save during a match. It also plays at the end of the match if you end up winning the MVP.

Blueprints in the garage

We dive deeper into Rocket League blueprints in this article.

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